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Please meet your Office Manager, Tiffany Stretton

Tiffany has worked for over ten years in administrative positions over a range of industries such as education, aged and disability care and construction and has a passion for delivering efficientand friendly customer service.

She has undertaken studies in business, cultural diversity and inclusion which have helped to round out her skill set. She is looking forward to entering the next stage of her career with KickStart Allied Health and is excited about the opportunity for further learning in a new environment.

A little about Tiff's life

Tiffany is a passionate gardener and believes that one of the greatest pleasures in life is to be able to share the abundance of your garden with those you love.


She believes in nurturing the body and soul with fresh, wholesome food and plenty of exercise. She is currently studying to become a yoga teacher and loves leading an active life. She is happiest when in the garden or surrounded by her family and friends.


These are my direct contact details. Please feel free to get in touch!

Availability: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 9am - 1.30pm