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Please meet your Speech Pathologist, Charlie Lovell

My name is Charlie and I’m a Speech Pathologist at KickStart Allied Health.


During my university studies, I developed a passion for Parkinson’s Disease, where I was fortune enough to participate and become qualified in the SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd Training Program®. I’ve been with KickStart for just over 4 months and I'm enjoying every moment. I like to travel and this role at KickStart as allowed me to continue that.

A little about Charlie's life

I am a keen waterpolo player, swimmer, and swim coach, so I guess you can say I love the chlorine! I’m up early most mornings swim coaching, before I put on my Speech Pathology hat, to later return to the pool for training or a casual dip. Maybe you’ve seen me around?


I’ve swam most of my life, and I really enjoy the atmosphere around the pool. This experience has allowed me to develop great communication skills with swimmers, families, officials, as well as clients I work with.


In my downtime, I enjoy catching up with friends, camping, going for coffee, Netflix and riding my motor bike.


These are my direct contact details. Please feel free to get in touch!

Availability: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu